Adhya Sarna

Co-Head of Communications and Web Designing (C&WD)

Adhya is a second year law student at Amity Law School, Noida. With a keen interest in Legal Research, Energy and International Law, she is currently an Editor with Leagle Samiksha and a senior member of The Elysian Magazine. Having interned with The Law and Policy Research Foundation and Legacy Law Offices, Adhya looks forward to a diverse career.
An avid debater, she is an active member of the Debating, Mooting and ADR societies. With a resolution focused approach, Adhya wants a sustainable future for all, starting with clean energy in India and green Metropolitans. With out of the box ideas for sustainable projects and infrastructure, she’s keen to see sunlight replace all fossils one day.


The Indian Journal of Projects, Infrastructure and Energy Law (IJPIEL) is a student-run law
journal and blog which was founded in July 2020 by a group of students from Universities
across the nation, led by its founder, Naman Anand.

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