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I am humbled to welcome all of you to our site. I am the Founder and Managing Editor of the Indian Journal of Projects, Infrastructure and Energy Law (IJPIEL) as well as the IJPIEL Blog. I am also the Curator and Co-Host of the IJPIEL podcast. Most people already know me as the only active student enrolled in a National Law University to intern in 4 different continents before entering the 3rd year of law school. Others know me as an avid writer, Model UN, debating & Mooting enthusiast. Those outside the arc of law know me as an investor, travel blogger, golfer, poet, actor and foodie.

Projects, Infrastructure and Energy is imperative to the growth of any nation’s future. India has been ADB’s top borrower since 2010- with the bank committing over 239 sovereign loans totaling over 42 Billion USD in the last 34 years to the nation. This staggering amount is just the tip of the iceberg as India is also a member of numerous other International Financial Institutions (IFIs) such as the World Bank and the New Development Bank (NDB). Many of these projects are carried out in various modes such as PPP, DBOT, TOT, HAM and Swiss Challenge and require legal experts to provide advice ranging from Legal Due Diligence to structuring a PPP project. However, it is saddening to note that most law schools do not even explain basic terminologies such as Request for Proposal (RfP) during the course of the degree. It is, of course, natural that student academia focused on other topics and left this niche area of law in the lurch.

I decided to establish the Indian Journal of Projects, Infrastructure and Energy Law (IJPIEL) primarily because I could not find any academic platform in India that specifically focused on this arc of law. The IJPIEL aims to be the first Indian journal to provide students a platform to write and learn about this area of law- which constitutes SDG 9 and is vital to our future. I welcome you all to contribute to this initiative and help us achieve our dream of establishing IJPIEL as a focal point for PIE Law related discourse in the student circles of India and beyond.


Yours Sincerely,

Naman Anand


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The Indian Journal of Projects, Infrastructure and Energy Law (IJPIEL) is a student-run law
journal and blog which was founded in July 2020 by a group of students from Universities
across the nation, led by its founder, Naman Anand.

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