Namrata Bhowmik

Head of Communications and Web Designing (C&WD)

Namrata is a 5th year Law student from Symbiosis Law School, Hyderabad. She is a keen researcher and writer.

A former core team member of the Centre for Criminology, and Criminal Justice (CCCJ), she is passionate about IPR and Fashion Law and holds a diploma in Fine Arts. She also happens to be an illustrator at the Foxland Publications. As a former student of designing, she has a knack for painting and creative work.

She is a perfectionist, and her creative bug is what keeps her going. With her contribution at IJPIEL, she plans to widen her knowledge base while making the initiative more interactive and artistically pleasing. 


The Indian Journal of Projects, Infrastructure and Energy Law (IJPIEL) is a student-run law
journal and blog which was founded in July 2020 by a group of students from Universities
across the nation, led by its founder, Naman Anand.

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