Varsha Banta

Senior Editor, IJPIEL (Journal)

Varsha has previously worked on project finance, FDI policy, debt resolution & intellectual property laws, along with human rights advocacy & legal aid. She has written for national journals and newsletters on contract law, debt, AI & arbitration, emerging ideas in CSR and other regulatory spaces. Further, she has presented at conferences focused on IP laws, banking laws and technology. Varsha’s research interests include corporate governance, financial laws, energy law, economics and tech law. While at JGLS, she has served as student editor for the Jindal Global Law Review, post which she has worked in editorial capacities with Indian journals and research societies. At JGLS, she has collaborated with The Final Stand – a student run initiative to bring legislative change in India and develop a social consciousness regarding climate change. With a commitment to policy work, she continues advocacy in the education, health and environmental spaces. Currently, she is working as an associate with the J. Sagar and Associates.


The Indian Journal of Projects, Infrastructure and Energy Law (IJPIEL) is a student-run law
journal and blog which was founded in July 2020 by a group of students from Universities
across the nation, led by its founder, Naman Anand.

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